Black Dog Gourmet Sauces, Rubs & Oils


We take pride in our products, and started our business on the foundation of serving the best product possible using only quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

We provide a true representation of the two distinct styles of North Carolina barbecue; the Piedmont (Lexington style) and the Eastern style.  Eastern sauce is primarily made up of vinegar, salt, pepper and spices.  There may be variations throughout Eastern North Carolina, but no matter where you are there is no ketchup in the Eastern sauce.   It keeps for a long time and does not need to be refrigerated.  The Piedmont sauce is commonly used as a dipping sauce because it is added to the meat after it has been served.  Piedmont sauce is primarily made up of vinegar salt, pepper, spices and ketchup.

We also cover South Carolina.  Here barbecue sauces are mustard based thick and yellow and to even mention tomatoes can get you more trouble than you want. Mustard barbecue sauces have a tangy flavor that is usually offset by a sweet taste. This sauce is a perfect accompaniment to pork and can be set out for people to dip their pork into or toss grilled wings with it, not to mention a great salad dressing.

Adding to the list of products are our Classic Carolina dry rub seasonings. The “Rub” acts as a dry marinade by combining a tantalizing blend of all natural spices and seasonings. When applied to or ‘rubbed’ into meat, our ‘Dry Rub’ adds a unique spicy flavor to not only pork, beef, poultry and seafood but vegetables as well. Ideal for the grill, oven or slow cooker.

From Fresno Red to Garlic Jalapeno to Habanero and our most popular, Chipotle Habanero, our hot sauces will bring out  a food’s flavor while adding a peppery punch from mild to hot depending on the sauce you use. Put them on any food you like and it will make you like it even more! Our hot sauces only use the freshest peppers to really bring out the flavor.